Chat channels

Anyone else having channel issues atm ? Xhat not working for us :frowning:




I am a little late but the channels are fine now.

It was down again and up again, it’s worse than IRC netsplits.

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I like that meme. I have a few programmers I work with who need to document their code.

Good code is self documenting :smug:

COBOL!!! :hugs:

At least it’s statically typed and compiled, unlike Python.

Let’s write a computer game in Python, said no sane person ever.

Ploease CCP, dump Python and rewrite Eve client in Go.

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In college I wrote a MUD, persistent world and all, in Python 2.x. I broke it when I tried to migrate it to Python 3. I still have all of the original Python 2.x code.

Moral of the story: C++.

I had no idea EVE was written in Python.

No, flat C or bust.

Python 2.7.

Still not sure why people still fanboi over Python when we now have Go and Julia. Lots of libraries died with Python 2.7.

Oh, I can’t live without OOP. I’m practically Amarrian in my devotion to the Church of Latter-Day Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance Saints. I know, I know, I could replicate those using straight ANSI C but why re-invent the hammer when it is already there.

(glares at temperamental client): That explains everything…

Perhaps if they use .Net it won’t crash so much?

Chat’s dead again.

I noticed a private channel I was in auto-muted me for “NO REASON”. Is that related?

It’s like CCP are delaying local and trying to blame Amazon Web Services.

i use chad channels
never have issues
but its invite only … :man_in_tuxedo:

I seem to be having an issue with the channel Why Was I Ganked

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