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I don’t know if this is the right place to post this. But I am looking for a web developer that is good at what they do. I would like to create a website for the corporation I am standing up and the moment. I am trying to learn code and currently have a website built via WIX but its just not turning out. I dont know enough and there is only so much I can do using a half assed do it for you and do it yourself system.

I have a vision in my head of what I would like the site to look and function like so I would like to be part of the process as much as possible. As I said I started to learn code to do the little I have actually done already and have come to enjoy it so maybe it being a learning experience of sorts would be awesome but not required.

Obviously this isn’t something I am asking to be done for free and with it being eve related I dont exactly know the rules on it but I am sure some sort of payment can be arranged be it fully paid as it has nothing really to do with in game economics. I dont want to search for web developers on sites like fivr or whatnot because though they may be able to make a site I dont know if I could get one who has played eve and gets what eve is and does for people.

If you are interested please PM me and we can talk further.

Most gaming websites are for non profit and the best guess is to suggest you start with your own wordpress blog to start generatiing content.
Once you have a daily routine with updating your blog, start reading over some

HTML Examples

HTML Examples

Without knowing your current knowledge of html, that is all I can offer.

Final coment, if I may say is Stickyness as you might already know that by creating a web log in the form of some blog is a small part of the sickyness!

Yeah as @Iceacid_Frostpacker suggested a wordpress blog might be enough, depending on your needs (with or without a custom theme).

You can go for a www.wordpress.com hosted one that is preinstalled (it is similar to the one you mention but with wordpress) and has free tiers but also paid tiers so requires no skills to code the site and can choose from plenty of templates but of course unless you can code you are somewhat limited in what you can accomplish, even more so on the free plan, though you are still more flexible than the one you currently using.

Or you can go with a standalone wordpress installation on your own hosting plan if you download the CMS (content-management system) from www.wordpress.org but you have to install it yourself or find someone to do it for you but you can install entirely custom themes and have one developed for you, not sure if the previous option the pre-installed hosting offers that option but if it does it definitely is for a paid plan.

Note that the first option ends with .com while the second with .org and are two separate sites but by the same people the developres of the Wordpress CMS software, the first is their own hosting offer while the latter is the download site for wordpress.

Either way depending on the exact features and layout you want you might be able to do this on your own (with some learning involved depending on the complexity) or have to rely on someone with deep knowledge of wordpress or creating themes for it or both.

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Thank you for the replies. I am looking to have the this is eve play in the front page and then have links to all the beneficial tools we all use and then the site will need to have eves api auth. The auth being a feature for later as I have no real reason to ask for all that information while remaining in high sec. I have zero intentions of it being just a blog. Unless all this can be done via blod layout. Again I am not afraid to pay for the efforts. Thanks again but I will let this sit here a little and see if it draws the attention I seek if not I will do as you have mentioned and try to get it figured out myself.

You might want to check the Marketplace, Services forum for posts like this:

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This is how far behind I am with replies, and just checking in did the op progress any further with their project?

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Unfortunately I have no idea or additional info. Hopefully OP will drop in and let us know.

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