Requirements for an EVE related website that I would like to create


I would like to ask if there are any requirements or conditions for creating a website for my in game business and community.

I would like to create a website to have a stable platform for my weekly and monthly reports, have blog updates, have some tools available for my costumers to use and hopefully put some resources and guides.

In real life, I am a student with a little knowledge about coding.

Thank you and Fly Safe.

These link should provide you the start:

I believe the mimum you need to do is to have the following somewhere on your web page (7.1. of the agreement):


Developer shall ensure that EVE and the Licensed Materials retain all proprietary notices necessary to protect CCP’s intellectual property rights in the foregoing, including without limitation ownership of all Derivative Works, such notice to be substantially as follows: "© 2014 CCP hf. All rights reserved. “EVE”, “EVE Online”, “CCP”, and all related logos and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of CCP hf."

As long as you then don’t break any of the other conditions, which are pretty fair and simple, will you be fine.

And before you ask, “What does ‘hf.’ mean?” It’s apparently Icelandic and stands for corporation.

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