Hey. Looking to get into market trading so I have something to do inbetween public fleets and incursions.
found the webside, which seems phenomenal, but a large issue with it being that the results are poisoned by buy orders from the nearby perimeter trade hub, causing listed ROIs to be entirely misrepresented.
Are there any open tools out there that I can use to take the Perimeter trade hub orders into account to get a more accurate view on what to invest in?
Thanks in advance <3

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Buy orders at perimeter are 1 jump, dunno what you mean by poison as a buy order is a buy order.

Perimeter will be a non entity soon anyway if CCP does not revert tax and broker change.

Eve isn’t an equity market. There are no investments. It’s a commodity market and a fairly illiquid one at that. Therefore it trades like a commodity market. If you’re sitting on inventory you’re doing it wrong.

It’s about throughput and efficiency. NOT about price appreciation.

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