Newbro's guide to ships, fitting and basic combat

Greetings and welcome to my guide! I decided to make a mini-guide like this so newbros can have an easier time getting to know EVE’s ships and basic fitting skills. It’s hard to learn how to fit a ship but once you learn it, it’s a very valuable skill that cannot be forgotten. YOU can fly YOUR OWN style, instead of asking whether you should fit that silly hull repairer in the Rookie Help channel.

But to learn how to fit a ship effectively, you must master the ship and module types. Without knowledge in these 2 topics, it’s akin to walking into battle unarmed. Hence, I shall start off this thread with a brief overview of the ship types and their specialties.


OK so here we are. This is the most basic knowledge for fitting but also the most important. Luckily, it’s very simple (for T1s at least). Ships in the frigate-battleship classes are called sub-capitals(subcaps). Dreadnaughts(dreads), carriers, Force Auxillaries(FAXes), supercarriers and Titans are called capital ships(caps). Additionally, the 2 largest classes, supercarriers and Titans, are called supercapitals(supercaps). Here I sort them from smallest to largest. Keep in mind that this only applies to the 4 main empires. Pirate factions will be touched on later on.


  1. 6 T1 Frigates
    -2 Navy Versions.
    T2 versions-2 Assault Frigates(AF), 2 Covert Ops, 2 Interceptors(intys), 1 Electronic Attack and 1 Logistics

  2. 2 destroyers
    T2 versions-1 Command Destroyer, 1 Inderdictor.
    T3 versions-1 Tactical destroyer

  3. 4 cruisers
    -2 Navy Versions
    T2 versions-2 Heavy Assault Cruisers(HACs), 2 Recon ships, 1 Logistics and 1 Heavy Interdictor(Hictors)
    T3 versions-1 Strategic Cruiser

  4. 3 battlecruisers
    -1 Navy Version
    T2 versions-2 Command Ships.

  5. 3 battleships
    -2 Navy Versions
    T2 versions-1 Black Ops, 1 Marauder

1 dread, carrier, supercarrier, FAX and Titan.

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