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Not just CONCORD, either. We know next to nothing about the one ship we’ve heard about. We don’t even know what kind of ship it was, only that it was operated by the Republic Fleet. Let’s face it, a boarding action against a Breacher? Ok, well, that sucks. Against a Hel? That’s something completely different.

And we know even less about everything other ship. Including even a rough number of them. Are we talking ‘dozens’? ‘A handful’? ‘Thousands’? And the Aidonis/SoE report basically lumps all of these in with ships lost in J-space and the Abyss. So how many of these ‘disappearances’ are actually happening in the indicated regions, and not merely ‘last seen in’ those regions before going into Anoikis or the Abyss?

We don’t know.

We don’t know any of it. We’re given ‘THERE’S A THING’ and we’re expected to do more than just be skeptical when the mysterious ‘thing without even approximate numbers or facts’ requires a huge new CONCORD division to be established.

Yeah. Gonna stick with ‘skeptical’ and ‘willing to shoot first if CONCORD shows up in Delve’.

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In response to emergent threat Case Green Magic, the Inner Circle is authorizing the formation of new operational division AEGIS, the Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security.

Authority for
Interdiction and

They couldn’t find a verb, or any other word, beginning with G that would fit ?

“Case Green Magic” - Oh yes, code words, that mean sod all.

Really, CONCORD needs some more language experts to make this kind of thing look more stylish and so on.

edit: Gonzo. There’s a perfectly cromulent word that would fit.

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Guidance. The word they wanted there was ‘Guidance’. As in, ‘we’re being boarded, what do we do?’ ‘Stay calm, give us your location, we’ll talk you through this while help is on the way’. And ‘intervention’.

Authority for Emergency Guidance, Intervention, and Security

Incidentally, if @Kaisha_Valkanir or anyone else at CONCORD want to steal that and quietly just edit their announcement, I swear I won’t sue.


Ooo, that is a better suggeestion, indeed.

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I’ll be declaring a Case Burnt Sienna over this and placing my forces on Moonlight Amber alert


Should have called it Panel for Emergency Notifications, Interdictions and Security.


Angels seem to hire from everywhere. Maybe its their new tactic. Ships will be sold on black market somewhere in low sec and people will be gone in some illegal asteroid mines also in low sec. They could use wormhole for transport to omit controlles.

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Well, it’s too late now. They wouldn’t have announced it if they didn’t have a logo and everything ready.


BTW I wonder how CONCORD will deal with pirates when aforementioned pirates are keeping hostages on hijacked ships. :thinking:

I predict that security business will now flourish and security guards will have to be on nearly every ship now. To not allow for such situations like hostages on hijacked ship.

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