News are very hard to reach!

It is worrisome and dangerous that today it is extremely hard to notice news regarding our universe.

Past times i remember how every time you noticed news when you opened your captain interface, but today you need to adventure deep into galnet to the secret sites to receive every day news.

Because of this, even I, Lord Vaari dont know everyting, or even most important things that is happening in our galaxy. Getting fresh news comes to me through chat, not by news services.

Today situation serves every decreasing population of those, who has enough time to spend on some off galnet news services.


The future is now, old man.

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(( This is the in-charater forum. The actual discussion thread is here: Add Galaxy News Section in the Agency Window for Better RP Integration . It also includes links to lore news, which indeed are currently not linked to the launcher. ))


Old days were beter because every time i opened my captain interface you could easily see latest happenings and found links.

Today it is filled with non essential matter like some kind of invasion advertisement and links to social media.

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