News post "Do Not Publish Mistakenly Made"?

Anyone knows what this news is ? I even didn’t know the game itself 10 years ago but someone here may know about this post :thinking:

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Funny. 2011 news.

That Dev blog was created on 2011-05-24, probably for the Serenity Server due to the Chinese text.

I found this Dev blog posted on 2012-12-05 explaining the history of the Serenity Server. Ironically it has the same Eve-scape as the one you posted.

I was wondering what the Chinese text means you mentioned, however I have found the link was in Japanese mode, that might have confused you. EVE webpage automatically adjusts its language if you are not logged in.

It actually can be seen in any language, only English article is available.

But yeah eye catch might be a hint.

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OK, whether it’s Chinese or Japanese, it’s all Greek to me… :wink:

Obviously I should have checked it with Google Translate to know exactly what language was showing…

Anyway, the reason I said Chinese text is because the Serenity Server was only for China. I was actually going by the date and the Dev blog you posted was dated 2011-05-24 and the Dev blog I posted stated that the Serenity Server would be run by a new Chinese company in July of 2011.

Anyway, I’m logged into the Eve site so not sure what you mean about it automatically adjusting it’s language… Everything except for the main article showed Japanese text for me…

Are you Japanese?

And the recent one you just posted is now showing all English text…

[Mod Edit] – Removed Picture as it exposed account information - @ISD_Drew


Oh, I didn’t realize that.

Thank you @ISD_Drew for protecting my account info…


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The devblog for Incarna came out the next day: EVE Online | EVE Insider | Dev Blog

I would bet it was a draft of that, which was accidentally posted early.

this might be an answer it seems, thx !

i mean, the eve online related webpages will change its default page language based on IP address if your browser cache is empty.
I am living in Japan, thus, the page default language settings are automatically changed to Japanese. The language settings will also change it’s webpage url. The first link I embed has had “ja” attached in its url. It might have brought you to Japanese page. ( It’s Japanese page but the entire article is English since there were no JP translation provided on eveonline as of the time.)
Yep, I am Japanese.

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