Next date for Mirror (Test Server)

I cant seem to be able to access the server as my account is nearly 2 months old, is there a date for the next mirror. Im losing so much on trying to figure out the abyssal sites.

Many thanks


Sometimes you just have to figure things out in game. The test server may not be available, may not contain the content you wish to test, or any number of other things that don’t allow you to do as you would like.

There is a myriad of 3rd party resources to help prepare you for almost any content in Eve. You should not feel as though you are “losing so much” by not trying things out yourself.


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Not sure if you are aware but you cannot buy the filaments on the test server so make sure you have plenty in your inventory at the time of the next mirror.

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The last mirror was on the 27th of March. It occured while Singularity was in VIP mode and there was no announcement on the test server feedback forum. They are roughly quarterly so expect the next one around the end of June. Generally they are announced on the forums a few days in advance.

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