NEXUS ship restrictions ice mining

How are people getting Orcas and Porpoise on the ice sites to mine? The gates won’t allow non frigate activation and you can’t warp to fleet members? Yet I see non frigate ships in the Nexus ice belt. Are they using bookmarks?

Mining Barges and Exhumers work there, too. Where did you read about the restriction down to Frigates?

its on the gates it wont let me in with an orca or anything other than a barge or frigate.

OK, had a look: Mining Barges, Mining Frigs, Haulers, Porpoise, Noctis, and Exhumers are allowed. But there is the ice procesor in the center of the ice site, which looks like an Orca. It’s stationary, capsuleers can’t bring Orcas into these sites.

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