Mining Site in Winter nexus

I am an active player in null-sec. I’ve only been playing the game for a year and was looking forward to this event when I heard from a corp member that it was good.
The content of the event was very good, I did mining, PVE and exploration. At one point, I was in the ice mining site, and I was dealing with some enemies that you see in the Asteroid Belt. After a few fights, a large diamond-shaped icon appeared: an Infested Carrier.
I noticed it early and didn’t lose my ship, but I couldn’t dig that site anymore. Can you please make it so that hostile NPCs don’t appear?

I’m using a translator, so please forgive me if there are some strange expressions!

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You could ask in your corporation if people want to help you to kill the NPC.

It may have loot.


Technically… you cant warp into ice (winter event) sites with combat ships. So, having a carrier there… how you are going to kill it, with 100-200 procurers/skiffs? In hisec only porpoises can get in, not sure if in nullsec you can jump in with an orca/rorqual?

If you can… then a bunch of DPS orcas/rorquals I guess could work, but combat ships cant get in :slight_smile:

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Prospects might be able to survive the infested carrier using the same tactics they use to huff gas in wormholes without killing sleepers.

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