Orca for Ice Event

Can we let in Orcas next time for an empire-space ice event? I just want to see who is brave enough to use it.

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brave how? opposed to mining in normal ice anomaly you get extra protection of no combat ships allowed to enter and additionally being 50km from the acceleration gate entry point which makes it 1000% safe to mine there even in lowsec

Getting the orca into the system in the first place through the gates

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About the same number of Orcas die in lowsec as die in highsec, so they are already used in lowsec. Possibly people in empire space aren’t ‘brave’ by choosing to gate them around lowsec, but rather they’re excessively risk averse by only staying in highsec.

Again, brave how? MWD-Trick and you are pretty much uncatchable.

That doesn’t actually work with the Orca. The t2 cloak will cause you to lose 75% of your speed. And a 500 NM Microwarpdrive, even a faction one, won’t get you to a high enough speed under a cloak.

Love the name. Kane lives in death!

Anyway, if you’re talking from an efficiency perspective, using an Orca to solo-mine the ice field would be terribly inefficient. The Orca can use only one Ice Harvesting Drone II due to the 50mb/s bandwidth limitation. Compared to yield acquisition, a Skiff can out-mine an Orca with even just one Ice Harvester.

Now, if you utilized the Orca as a collector of ice in traditional mining fleet fashion, then yes, it might be viable, and would encourage fleet participation in the events, which is a good thing since it gets more people involved.

To address the question of warping with the Orca, firing the microwarpdrive results in a 10-second align time, regardless of a cloak module being on your ship. As long as it isn’t active, you still get the benefit of a ‘quick’ warp from a gate.

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You really should be comparing to a Procurer, but yeah you’re right even in the heydays of the solo Orca, it only almost matched the barges (assuming only 1 mining upgrade module was fit, some people spammed mining upgrades) for ore mining, not ice harvesting. Thats for the compliment, sadly someone took a more “pure” version of my name already.

That’s what I was thinking 7 barges and an Orca. Or for people who want to do PVP, they can think about the possibility of nabbing a big meal at the gate in low sec.

For a normal ship, the t2 cloak’s speed penalty and the MWD’s speed boost almost cancel each other out. The net effect is that if your “natural” (modules off) align time is 13 seconds or less, you can cloak, align, active the MWD, and then deactivate the cloak 1 second before the MWD finishes. Then hit the warp button. You are only uncloaked for a second, which makes it impossible to be caught. So you can get a 10 second align time, but not if you activate a t2cloak.

Faction Cloaks and Abyssal MWDs solve this pain point.

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