Suggestion for the Orca and Rorqual - Ice Mining

I understand that an Orca and Rorqual are supposed to be in the field more for a support role, but the sad truth is that hardly any pf the fellow miners utilizing the boosts and ice compression will be nice enough to give a portion of their mining spoils to the Orca driver as a thank you. Is it possibly to either 1) lower the bandwidth of an Ice Mining Drone so we can launch 2 instead of just 1? or 2) Create a Ice Mining Rig that when applied to the Orca (and this can be an Orca & Rorqual Ice Mining specific Rig) increases the drone bandwith allowing 1 extra drone to be launch? or 3) Make it possible to add a modification device to the Orca and Rorqual where we can add a drone bandwidth increase enhancement, thus allowing us to launch 1 extra drone. 1 extra drone is not going to demolish an Ice belt, only allow the Orca and Rorqual drivers to feel more productive while mining.

Orcas are already used to afk mine for hours, there is absolutely no need to give them any more mining amount.

If you have problems getting an adequate payment from the people you support with your Orca’s boost, kick them out of your fleet.


In my experience, the support roles are usually done by the alt of one of the guys on grid mining as well. Don’t really see the need to make the support ships better for solo mining when they were nerfed specifically so they wouldn’t be the best at solo mining anymore.


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