No Compression Mod BPOs for sale in Navy Stations

New Blueprints:

New fleet-support compressor module blueprint originals are now available for purchase on the NPC Market.

Can be found at all Empire Navy stations
    Caldari Navy
    Republic Fleet
    Amarr Navy
    Federation Navy

This seems to have not worked, i’m not seeing any compression module BPOs for sale in The Forge


None in Domain either.

They forgot to seed them.

Bump at the forge no BP

Theres no skillbooks for shipboard compression and you cant remote inject at the moment , not sure what other skills are affected

any new BPO up for compress module in Task-murton

Spent looking for a few hours and couldn’t find anything… come on CCP where are the BPOs

So after downtime today on March 9th the BPOs are up, but I still don’t see the skill books.

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