No current Mac version?

I tried to log into Tranquility a couple days ago and received a message from the client (not the launcher) that the version was incompatible. Now when I try to launch I get this message from the launcher: “Error Could not copy files for Tranquility”. I can log into Singularity but could not verify the shared cache. It just gave me the message: “Some indices were not available”. I would suspect my installation is corrupt but the messages seem to be indicating the CCP servers just don’t have a valid Mac version available.

This definitely sounds like something got corrupted. Aside from the recent issues with the public beta borking WINE (the current beta is apparently OK), things are running fine on all my Macs.

Try purging the shared cache and selecting the “Download Everything” option in the settings and that should sort it.

I’m still using Sierra, so it’s not a High Sierra beta issue. Deleting the shared cache folder in the finder worked though. The launcher wouldn’t verify it so I just trashed it and started over and that seems to have fixed it.

Glad it’s sorted. Happy zapping :slight_smile:

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