No Data/Relic signatures to be found in outer null?

Hi there, explorers!

I recently jumped on to the exploration career, and find it very interesting going to unknown lands!
What i cant get my head around, is why there seem to be regions without data/relic sites. Today i used a ‘needlejack’ filament and ended up in the “Outer Passage” region (null space). I went trough like 25 null sec systems, and all i can find was shitloads of Combat Sites and a few Wormholes… no Data/relic sites what so ever, across several regions towards Amarr. Theese regions seem to be very quiet tho.

Has it something to do with low ammounts of players, sovereignty, Industry index or something els?

Drone regions (see there: have no relic/data sites. Outer passage is a drone region
you have to move to sansha/serpentis/guristas/angel/blood raiders regions


Drone regions have data site (that can escalate), but no relic sites.

oh i did not know, but i was talking about “usual” data sites (sparkling/survey/command/mining). What are these data sites which can escalate?

Thanks for the replys. So i’ll stay away from Drones spaces from now on, when exploring :slight_smile:

I suggest providence region, as they have the NRDS policy, so the locals will not shoot you

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i also suggest you to see explo as fun by itself, not only a mean to earn isks. You can have fun doing relic sites in a fast ship in hostile (null) space, trying to hack sites, evade traps and gate camps etc; you can dive into a wormhole system, hack sites and jump through another wh, and repeat it several hours while watching your dscan, until you end up in normal space, you can aim to scan and hack superior sleeper caches in a covert ops, just for the fun, you can travel using a cloaky nullified tc, and refit when you find an interesting combat site, just for the challenge…

Data sites in the drone regions can spawn easy rats if you fail a hack. Also the hardest cans, even if they are empty, when you click “Loot All” a message can appear pointing you to an escalation site (with cans to hack) in another nearby system. This escalation sites can have augmented drone blueprint copies. Years ago these blueprints sold for 1b isk (augmented ogres with 60 runs).

thks for the info. I keep learning new things in eve, even after years of explo. I love this game


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