No high-sec ice belts in Gallente space?

I must be missing something, but when I look at the agency window to find ice belts I am not seeing any highsec ice belts spawned in Gallant space. Anyone else notice this? I can find belts in all other regions but none in Gallente regions.

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Agency says ice belts only in low sec in Gallente space. But they will probably also disappear soon if someone mines them as Domain in Amarr space only has 3 ice belts in total, which is nothing compared to what it should have.



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This is a thing - Is it a ‘feature’ or is this bugged?

See my post above :smiley:

Working as intended.

I’ve been watching the agency for some time and never see any ice in either Jaschercis or Vaurent as there used to be. The closest are 9 or 10 jumps away (Nakugard & Manatirid). CCP doesn’t seem to communicate on this…

Apologies - we’ve been using this thread to discuss issues surrounding Ice Belts spawning.

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