No interest so off to the farm please delete

(Ronni Ormand) #1

Jump Drive Calibration v
Minmatar Carrier V
T2 heavy and light fighters
all frigates and cruisers v
nearly all T3C subsystems v
t2 siege
t2 HAW and xl autocannons

No clones

Logged in Hs

positive isk

no Kill rights

Starting bid 85B
buy out 95B
PW 12345

WTB carrier/super pilot
(Mantra Jones) #2

91b offer

(Ronni Ormand) #3

thanks for the bid.
this will run until DT tomorrow as still moving assets.

(Ronni Ormand) #4

I know it’s a little early but last bump before shes sold.

(Ronni Ormand) #5

Send Isk and account name.

(Ronni Ormand) #6

no contact form buyer will give until I finish wok then up for sale again.

(Fatli Solvent) #7

If no contact,
85b Offer

(Ronni Ormand) #8

Thanks for the bid but i will keep going a bit longer…

(Ronni Ormand) #9


(Absolute Truth) #10

86b offered

(Ronni Ormand) #11

Thanks for the bid but just a bit longer

(RR Enat) #12


(Ronni Ormand) #13

Thanks for the bids auction will end 24h or if someone matches the 91bo

(Ronni Ormand) #14

last bump

(Ronni Ormand) #15

send Isk and account name if you are still interested.

(Ronni Ormand) #16

No contact from buyer again…
Last bump before pulling skills.

(Wasp Golem) #17

Sent you a mail in game

(system) #18

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