No Killmail for Empty Pods – A Report and Suggestions for Improvement

In an effort to contribute to the orderliness of EVE’s vast expanse, I recently set out to dispose of an empty pod in highsec – a little adventure that took me close to the sun. What started as a mission to clean up space ended in a slight surprise: despite successfully destroying the pod, I did not receive a killmail, even though all the expected negative effects such as CONCORD intervention, loss of security status, and the emergence of a killright for the other pilot occurred.

The actual bug seems to be that empty pods can persistently hang around the sun at all. If fixing this is not feasible, it would be appreciated if at least the destruction of such pods could generate killmails.

Since I cannot be 100% certain whether it was due to a temporary server issue that no killmail was generated, I am curious if anyone has ever received a killmail for an empty pod to clarify this matter.

1. Generation of Killmails: After consulting with the support team, I was informed that the generation of killmails is not guaranteed and technically has a low priority on the servers. This explanation raises questions, especially since the system was not heavily trafficked at the time of the incident. Could it be that empty pods, due to a specific bug, do not generate killmails?

2. Documentation and Clarity: The support mentioned that killmails could be “optional” in certain cases. This seems to be correct according to my research. However, this important piece of information is not part of the official support article on killmails. An explicit mention of this possibility could provide clarity and prevent future confusion.

My goal in sharing this experience is to highlight potential areas for improvement in EVE Online, both in terms of game mechanics and the communication of such details to the player base. I understand that retroactive creation of killmails is not possible, but perhaps these observations can inspire future adjustments that enhance the experience for all.

I look forward to feedback from CCP and thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

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