No Longer for sale. Please lock :)


(Tazdeki) #1

Extraction started so longer for sale.

  • Comes with a full set of +5’s plus other useful implants

  • Has a positive sec status and based in Jita

  • No kill rights either way

  • Positive wallet

This toon has been trained to focus mainly on logistics, support and industry. She has almost maxed out Fleet Support skills as well as decent Drone skills. Can fly Rorqual, Orca, Exhumers, Freighters, Jump Freighters and Ore Freighters. She can also fly both Caldari and Minmatar Command ships and Logistic Cruisers. She also has cracking Shield and Reprocessing skills.
Please check out the skill sheet to realise her full potential and i may have overlooked something.

Price is firm at 80Bil Isk

I will pay the transfer fee

If i have missed anything out, then let me know :slight_smile:

(Tazdeki) #2

Back to the top with you :slight_smile:

(Tazdeki) #3

Back up we go :slight_smile:

(Streitwartt) #4

70 Bill offer

(Tazdeki) #5

Up we go again :slight_smile:

(cynomale) #6


(Streitwartt) #7


(Tazdeki) #8

Thank you for the offers, but this is not an auction. The price is set firm at 80bil isk.

(Streitwartt) #9

Good luck but if you dont find any better offer my bid is confirmed

(Tazdeki) #10

Up we go again!
I worked out that if i extract the character and focus it at around 5 mil or just over in one specific role, i could potentially make over 80 bil isk so that is the reason i won’t budge on price. If Tazdeki does not sell within the next week i am going to go ahead and extract her which would be a shame for such a great toon.

(Deana Risalo) #11

80b on a 91m (almost) character? Check your maths. :sunglasses:

(100isk H00kER) #12

Are you saying i have under or over priced?

(Tazdeki) #13

Deana was kind enough to point out that my pricing was incorrect so decided to check it out.

(Tazdeki) #14

Last bump before it gets extracted :frowning:

(Streitwartt) #15

72 bill last offer :frowning:

(Tazdeki) #16

No thank you.

(Maizie Fields) #17

Extracting is a lot of work…

I’m here to help with a bid of 73 billion

(Tazdeki) #18

Last chance before extraction begins. I will let this stay up until 10am Sunday UK time then it is history :slight_smile:

(Tazdeki) #19

Extraction started so no longer for sale.