No longer for sale

Edit: char cant be sold due to restriction on account.


I am for sale. I am a 12.2mil SP pilot that will make the perfect starter. I have a decent selection of ships I can fly T2 fit. Gila being the most notable. I also fly Caldari and Gallente Assault frigates. I am able to branch out into other hulls relatively quickly as well!

I am looking for 10bil as a buyout but may accept other offers at my discretion.

  • Buyout 10billion or best offer at my discretion.
  • Pilot has positive security staus
  • Pilot will be located in High Security (Amarr)
  • Pilot has a positive wallet
  • Pilot has no kill rights
  • Pilot has two jump clones in Jita
  • All CCP rules apply

10bil B/O Isk ready.

Will transfer isk and provide details once offer is accepted.

I accept your offer of 10bil

Isk sent to Samael Kovacs

Evemail sent with with account details

Received ISK and Details starting transfer now.

Apparently my pilot has to be more than 14 days old. This was not in the info stickied at the top of the forum. I am now returning the ISK to the buyer. I am so sorry!!! Can’t believe this happened. Please confirm you received ISK back.

To be honest i was unaware of the restriction as well.

Isk received back.

If you can petition CCP to facilitate the transfer my offer still stands.

Attempting to see if Customer Support can proceed with transfer now. I will reply here and EVEMail if anything changes. Thanks for your patience!

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