No Longer for sale

I am selling this toon, which is a Rorq/Exhumer Toon

Starting Bid: 22bil
Buy out: 31 bill

1 yearly remap
2 bonus remaps
Positive sec. status
located in hisec
Positive account balance
No killrights
24mil skill points
Indi corp 5

Ovlov Skala Skills

I bid 22B

Thank you for your bid. Will wait for additional bids.

22.5 bil


24B Deal

Ding Dong Zero

24B Deal

Highest bid so far. Will wait a few more hours for any additional bids.

If you want to sell it to me, please email me in the game. I can see it.I shouldn’t have waited too long.

Still waiting for additional offers. This toon is worth more than 24bil.

24,5 B

25B Deal

25,5 B offerd

26B offer

Thank you for your bid of 27 bil. I am currently at work for the next 5 hours. Once I return i will let you know if I accept your bid. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Offer rewoked.

Still for sale ?

Not sure, seller said he would be back but did not turn up. So i rewoked my offer.
Does anyone know if CCP fixed the transfer delay on pilots ? i hear people complain after 10 days of waiting.

Yep , it can tbe done within 1 day or 2 weeks max

Ah ok.

My apologies everyone for the delay in responding. Real life issues.

At this time, please be advised that I have decided not to sell this toon at this time.
Thank you for your bids.