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Looking For Core Members

Join Our recruitment channel for more information: One Step Ahead - S-KHI Recruitment

thanks for your time,
S-KHI Team

Daily Bump…
Still on the lookout for other miners and ratters to help utilize our new homes resources. Get in before we close recruitment and the opportunity ends. Convo or eve mail/reply here for more details.

hi can you email me more details please …15 accounts 45 characters mining PI and industry player

New Corp, lots of positions available until we close recruitment. Hit us up for more info or an invite to our recruitment channel. Either Byakuya Musashi or myself, Praetor Jin Gitaxias.

Daily Bump, need more miners to help us chomp down these Moon Rocks, and more ratters to use up all the sites. Hit us up for more info…

Daily Bumpage. Looking for more heads in corp, to make iskies, post rediculous gifs in local, and well troll the other Eve Denizens into incoherence…

Daily Bumpage… we are looking for core membership, mostly to increase the fun during mining/pve ops. Looking for more miners to help burn these moon rocks, hit me or " Praetor Jin Gitaxias " up for more information or an invite.

One Step Ahead

On the lookout for more pilots. Dont be a lemming, and let others choose your path, become one of the team at S-KHI where we are always “One Step Ahead”.

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