No one ever mentions how much ISK he's "losing" because of the ESS change

Isn’t that weird?

Now instead of jumping to the conclusion that it’s not ever being mentioned deliberately
… because it might make them look greedy as ■■■■ …
… I thought I’d just ask.

How much ISK did someone farm before the ESS-change …
… and how much ISK does someone farm after the ESS-change?

It’s for the record.
My curious mind wants to know

Thank you!

PS: Ridley Rohan below really doesn’t want me, or anyone else, to know.

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You want people to not only calculate the diminshed income somewhat accurately you also want them to let you know the figures?

I would not do the most rudimentary math on my cargo capacity for you. Sorry.

Besides, if you doubt the diminished income (and it kind of sounds like you do) who is going to think you are going to accept the numbers they give you?

Of course for botters though its also a matter of covering their tracks.

All it needs is people, who do sites, to write down the numbers. They know them anyway. There’s no way they don’t know their average ISK per tick and there’s also no way they don’t know how much less ISK it is. There’s no way, because that’s all they care about anyway.

Can you at least try looking like you have something smart to say?


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Except, there is in fact, a way.

One of the reaons people play EVE is to avoid that sort of monotony

Ballpark figures that could be way off, maybe.

A lot of walk-throughs, spreadsheets and CCP saying “find out for yourself” suggests otherwise.


Do you have an answer to the question in the initial post?

I know. Its a bit bizarre at times. People often choose “other” but “similar” monotony. I can totally see someone with an accounting job who enjoys the aspects you mentioned but not the blurry concept of “how much profit did we fail to gain this month” type sloppy guesswork that is the filthy product of some needless number crunching for the sake of whining with a false air of legitimacy. Just becuase you earned 1 billion isk last month does not mean you deserve it this month. But if changes have blind sided your play style, well they just have.

To me, thats the jist of what Sol is saying here.

That may be true, but raw profit data is not going to prove changes fair or unfair.

Perhaps not, though I was quoted a figure by someone in the ESS threat (or the Drone Nerf thread, cant remember which) and now, whether I think its accurate or not, its what I go with when the subject of these changes as wealth-nerfs comes up.

It would be better in some ways to have an actual figure not based on conjecture in some cases, Id imagaine.

ESS isk is only lost if it gets stolen I believe. Otherwise it’s paid out every 2 hours.
I believe even if they are offline by then.

Note, I don’t currently live in null though I have in the past so I haven’t tested myself

That’s pretty desperate. Petition CCP to publish everyone’s profit records and see how fast your proposal gets my approval.

I actually advocate this in real life so…


ESS is an update, no?


Hmm Ill see what I can do its a pretty big thread now
But it wasnt super reliable, but Ill have a look

Edit: Ok back

Couldnt find the specific reference. However, there is a commonality it seems of the phrase “down to 40m ticks” and similar.

This fits my encounter where 70m ticks down to 40m ticks were referenced.

This had got me thinking about several other aspects of wealth accumulation through AFK or “non-attentive” play, which are beyond the scope of this.

Also, I randomly searched the phrase “10 years”. Its amazing how many people who get out of joint on a change to automated income have played for exactly 10 years when an announcement is made.


I don’t like what you’re insinuating. I’ve been reading these forums since beta, and if you don’t change your tone, I’m going to deregister my undecillion accounts, and get all of my friends and the entire United States to deregister as well. Shame on you. Fire all the ISD’s. No you can’t have my likes.

Oh by the way, was that 40 mil number from before or after the buff? I assume that it was from before, so things might be better now.


The 40m tick mention was after ESS change, within the context of the conversation.

Oh sorry yes I see what you mean.

It was before the most recent change, yes

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Take a ship and rat yourself to find out . Simple as that

So you’re saying they’re whining about 40 million ISK every twenty minutes not being enough?

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Yeah pretty much that.

It led me to wonder what they did with the years of 70m ticks before that.

And to further wonder about those who “had big plans but now dont”; I cant help think they may have still had those plans next year and the year after etc because the pile is never big enough.