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Looking for more! Join Discord or T-CAM Public

Make isk in our ops. Make friends in our chats. Join T-CAM Public.

Looking for more folks that want a drama free and content rich experience.

I joined along with my main yesterday, and what a heck of a first day it was. A bunch of cool people doing fun things - running combat sites, learning about how sleeper sites and Triglavian content works, and finishing with an ice mining fleet and a bunch of laughs in Discord.

This corporation immediately radiates a culture of inclusion where from the get-go you feel as though you have a stake in the team effort. People are helpful, friendly, and strongly encourage anyone with a question to not suffer in silence. No matter what activities or interests brought you to EVE, there are people in this corporation who can help you explore them.

If you are looking for a great group of knowledgeable, friendly players who also enjoy playing together… if you just want to log in and join a no-fuss ice-mining fleet where you are making almost a million ISK a MINUTE… if you want to dive into wormholes, mission-running, or Triglavian content - this is the best place to do it.

Join us in the T-CAM Public channel, our Discord, or just inquire in this string and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Always looking for more to join our team! Join T-CAM Public.

Nice fleet…great people and a great culture. If you’re looking to have fun in Eve, T-CAM is the place to do it, and do it your way.

Mail sent in-game. I’ll try joining the public channel later.

How many players do you have now? The Corp seems like something I and my friend may be very interested in. Do you have a public discord? I’d love to ask some questions

You will find all the answers in our public channel ingame “T-CAM Public”.

Team work makes the dream work. Join T-CAM today! Be sure to read the original post!

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Sounds like the kind of corp for me. Count me in

Great mining op yesterday in a shattered wormhole…thanks to the whole team.

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We are expanding and always looking for more to join us. We do it all! Join T-CAM Public

Recruitment policy changes now deem that a player must have 5M Skill Points and also must have an Omega state clone.

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Been with the T-CAM for 50 days as of this post and have enjoyed my time with it and it is growing in numbers and activities. The buy back program is great with the amount of time I can spend in the game at any given time lets me stock up or direct pay depending on the time I have a week. No set hour or required Ops as of yet and RL always comes first with T-CAM.


Sometimes ya gotta take out the trash. Teamwork is the core of our community. Join us!

Opening up more opportunities daily…come be a part of the action

T-CAM resident here. For the first time in my EVE career, I’ve placed both characters in the same corp. While my other corps have also had great friendly helpful people, T-CAM also brings a strong sense of organization and consistent participation. Definitely worth checking out IMHO.

Still looking for people who want to create and be part of what we are doing…now spending some quality WH time.

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All the content you could want with none of the BS you don’t. Apply now : )

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