No Skill Books for Minmatar or Gallente Industrials in Heimatar or Metropolose

There are currently NO Skill Books for either Gallente or Minmatar Industirals in either the Heimatar or Metropolose Regions.


Absolutely NONE.

There are skill books in these regions for both Amarr and Caldari Industrials - but NOT for the Minmatar or Gallente Industrials.

You open up the Market Place - go to Skills/Spaceship Command and there are listed right after Frigates - Skill books for both Amarr and Caldari Industrils. As you scroll down to the places, right after Frigates - where there should be skill books for the Minmatar and Gallente Industrials both - in boht regions - there are NONE. There isn’t even a listing in the Market Place - which is what it does - if there are NO Listings.

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