Nobodyz Home - 0.0 seeking buddies for shits and giggles in between the stars

Your EVE career gone rock bottom and feel like crap? Start the game and are looking to be the next billionaire?

Looking for a clean pair of pants? Join the squad right now!

We enjoy all aspects of the game, be it killing our enemies or care bearing like kids.

We are part of RZR, one of the oldest and still alive Alliance in the game

  • Capital protection
  • Many corp moons to pick from
  • upgraded Systems
  • Family environment
  • Competitive Ore and Ice buyback
  • Daily roams and fleets

-quiet region

We are open to both new and old players to become the next Nobodyz Home superstar.

Join our family today and watch that flimsy old wallet of yours turn into something you can brag about!

Pub Channel: NZHM

PVP side

Alliance Fleets
Content deployments
Small Gang Roams
Alliance SRP
Doctrine Ships on contracts in staging systems
Experienced FCs

Infrastructure that is planned out
Access to any stations/citadels which belongs to FIRE Allies
Jump Bridge Network
Logistic network
And of cause our Community

Lots of cool and crazy people


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sounds like a Jita scam to me :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:



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All joking aside, our corp really is a great group. Not only do we live in a good chunk of space with a protection umbrella, but as a corp we can provide protection for our own mining fleet internally. Outside of minimal corp ops to mine a moon to pay all the corp bills you are free to do whatever the hell you want or go wherever you want. Not many restrictions as long as you represent the corp and alliance properly and dont be a douche that would make us want to doomsday your arse. We have taken in noobs and turned them into very loyal well trained pilots. We can help you grow.

come and be homeless with us

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we give away free dildos

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Who Wouldn’t want to join a null sec corp with a limitless supply of fun from your wildest dreams. From ratting to mining to blowing stuff up.

Good moons available for personal use. 1 corp moon mining op per month covers all the corp fees to alliance. If your lucky you might get to shoot a guy in a titan…

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