Noctis Still Feels Underwhelming

I have been out of it for about four years and I think it’s pretty laughable that there is the porpoise which is just a small, non-carrier orca but there still isn’t an updated version of the noctis.
It’s still always better to fit a salvage destroyer, frigate, or he’ll even a cruiser than it is to fit one of those. Tank looks bleh, speed is laughable compared to the above. Legit the only thing it seems to have is the cap regen and tractor bonuses. I, for one, would much prefer a smaller salvaged with a “space tugboat” aesthetic than this ship that’s too big for its own good.

Not to mention the pitiful cargo space and that it’s 15000m3 packaged? Highway robbery.


So you want something that can do everything well…ok then…

Every other ORE ship is specialized well and fits into their niche. What I’m trying to say is I shouldn’t want to use a non-ORE ship for salvaging. It’s hard to agree on its stats, volume, and price tag just for a larger tractor beam length when MTUs exist.


I’ll give you that it’s overpriced…maybe 30M-40M would be a better price as it is the lessor ship to the Porp…

I erased what I wrote because on reflection you do have a bit of a point…not really in stats IMO but more in cost for what you are getting…

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Noctis is awesome. I don’t know how you’re fitting it because the problem isn’t with the ship, it’s that MTUs (in conjunction with salvage drones) rendered the Noctis a thing of the past. MTUs are the problem.


I use a probe for salvaging.
It has the same reduction in salvage run time and I have minnie frig to 5. It can fbe fit quite fast, has an easily accessible 650m3 with just two cargo capacity 2’s in the lows and can fly 3 salvage drones. After using an MTU, all the wrecks are within 5km of one another. I can easily scoop everything in the can to my cargo, pick up the can, then salvage Everything nearby. Because of the salvage module time reduction, it’s legitimately quicker than my salvage dessie.

This set up costs me 2mil in parts approximately. The most expensive things are the cargohold 2s. I can warp quicker, salvage quick, and have enough storage space, and spend a fraction of the cost.

The noctis is just a bad buy all around unless you are cleaning up wrecks for an enormous fleet battle. Even still, that it’s only really good for that one thing makes it feel underwhelming.


I rest my case


Oh I love the Noc and little Porppy and agree they are great…buy, compare the two ships side by side and then do a price check…it’s a bit, odd.

I’m partial to a Comorant…


Noctis does what it is made for. No other ship in the game will salvage a field faster and with a higher % success. Don’t forget that bonus to completed salvaging. Salvage rigs don’t only come in medium size, btw. (–edit, corrected by darkestkhan Eriker --)

I’d be happy with a faster align time, otherwise it is fine.

How about the price (which is what I am whining about)?

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I have pulled billions in salvage and loot. Price? Priceless!


2 Likes says cost of inputs for Porpoise is 65.23m, whereas Noctis would be 78.37m

I remember back when a Noctis was more like… 50m… :thinking:. Wow, price of Mex has gone up… Trit, too… no wonder…


Are you aware that the Noctis gets a Bonus to Salvager cycle time?
Mine makes a good deal more money then a Carrier when it’s going.
It doesn’t need any tank or speed.

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Add SV-905 and EY-1005 implants too. Noctis will successfully salvage at 70% with T1 rigs.
That success along with tractor speed reduce your overall salvage time tremendously.

OP uses explorer ship for salvaging, which also has salvage time reduction bonus. Overall I disagree with OP’s assessment with the Noctis, but I do agree it is priced unusually high (due to cost of input materials)

Noctis would be used more if MTUs didn’t exist. Personally I think they should be removed from the game in order to make looting/salvaging a collaborative endeavor and worthwhile career again. Removing MTUs would have a healthy impact on the economy, too: less loot/salvage would be getting accrued since fewer people would be doing it (large scale), thereby raising the value of these items, and making looting/salvaging more profitable as an endeavor (esp. collaboratively)

Hush you. Let ppl use their mtus, it is slowing them down.
Better for us Noctis users.

Rats don’t target MTUs, so if you arrive on site, deploy, and start killing rats, it will tractor as you clear rooms, so there is no time lost. By contrast, Noctis gets focused faster than logi does :joy:

Now if rats DID target MTUs… :smiling_imp:. Unfortunately that won’t work because then people would be deploy MTUs as a form of damage mitigation :facepalm:.


I gotcha, it is the single-runner advantage tool.

I keep up with multiple mission runners so they don’t have to waste time salvaging at all.
Free service. I keep the salvage, they get the loot. Oh and mission LP for fleet.

Legitimately this, but also if noctis was a fraction of its volumetric size that would be great too. All I want is a smaller version of it, fucks sake.
I enjoy my nomadic lifestyle and 15km3 is a lot of space.


Do a thread in Features & Ideas and suggest an ORE salvage destroyer. It is the only ship-type small enough with a large number of high slots to accomodate the role. And it is suitable to the ORE ship line to add a destroyer based model.

Good luck with your goal, I would support that request in F&I.

CCP might like it as it would require a new skill book to be bought and trained.