Why is the Noctis so awful?

It has pitiful cargo space for a “Hauler” ship, it only has three low slots and two mids, and there’s no T2 version.

Oh, and its job can be done for 1/100th the cost by a Catalyst with an MTU.

What gives?

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Yes, a salvaging fitted Dessy has almost 2k cargo and all those bonuses. It’s virtually the same!


"The Noctis is the last word in salvaging, and is a considerable upgrade over a salvage fitted destroyer. Besides its bonuses to tractor beams and salvagers it also sports a large cargo bay, able to store loot from even the most destructive level 4 missions."

That’s EvE University description of the Noctis. Quite the opposite of what you posted about it. Apparently it’s a good ship to cleanup after engagements but I will never know what this ship is really good at, if anything.

The article goes on to say
The Noctis is expensive however, and is unlikely to be worth it for a player who is not yet running at least level 3 missions.
I bet it blows up just as well as any other ship.

Oh yea. This thing comes with a massive 20.3 base align time. It also has no innate warp core stability, nor can it fit Interdiction Nullifiers.

If you get caught in this thing you’re about to lose 155,000,000+ ISK.

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Noctis was introduced into the game before the mobile tractor unit was introduced. Its main feature was the range of the tractor beam and there was no need to fit catalyst or other ship with cargoholds and mwd…


The Noctis only has 1460 base cargo space, with a 20.3 base warp time.

A Catalyst isn’t even 1/100 the cost of a Noctis, 1,200,000 vs 134,000,000, and can be fit with three Expanded Cargo Hold II’s to put it up to 930m3 cargo space. While also only having a base align time of 5.93.

Is the 50% more cargo space, of which scrap usually doesn’t take up much of anyways, worth a 100x price increase?

Why would you ever get caught in one? They are not actually haulers, it just got put into that category when CCP renamed all industrial ships to haulers as part of their dumbing down EvE initiative.

The Noctis is hands down the fastest and most efficient salvager out there. If you are using it as a hauler you are doing it wrong. I’ve only owned 1 Noctis and still have it, it has been alive for more than 10 years and is probably my oldest ship. The old girl doesn’t see as much use anymore but that is because I don’t really mission much anymore.

Whenever I do feel like missioning, the Noctis comes out of retirement and nothing cleans up the wrecks faster.

The Noctis is only really meant for dedicated salavagers, for those who do regular mass salvaging, the Noctis will pay for itself. For everyone else, just use a destroyer.

Also, there actually is a largely useless version of the Noctis, the Primae, the Noctis’s older sister. There is also a T2 version of the Noctis, it just isn’t listed under variations for some reason, I can’t think of it’s name but it is the smaller Industrial Command Ship.

Turns out the Industrial Command Ship isn’t T2 and is named the Porpoise, it does uses the Noctis/Prinae hull.


155-million-isk sitting duck.

20.3 align time Geesus! :rofl:

Sitting duck? The noctis isn’t meant to operate in dangerous space, either high sec or blue null mostly. The align time is easily brought 10 secs with a MWD or 8 secs with a AB. Not an issue really.


A Carebear ship?

I was under the impression that all space is dangerous. I don’t look at sec status. Everywhere is Lowsec to me and everyone is a spy or a someone who can blow me up. To me, that ship is a coffin with thrusters. 10sec align time. I wouldn’t spend 1 isk on that ship.

I’ve heard of people suicide ganking for less shiny kill mails tbh. Not to mention all the potential loot that could be inside of it.

You won’t find many Noctis ganks on ZKillboard and level 4 mission loot is not usually worth ganking. The Noctis can also be easily fit for fairly high EHP as well.

At this point it just seems like you are hating on the noctis for the sake of it. Players who have actually used it have told you its purpose and its uses and you just keep brushing that aside. Use it or don’t, either way I’m done here.


There are dozens of pages of Noctis kills on zKill only since the 1st 2024. That ship looks like BBQ Spare Ribs on the 4th of July.

For it’s slow align time, small cargo and price relative to longevity.

Only like 3 those are HS ganks. Stop being dumb.


I’m not just looking at Ganks. EVE isn’t only about High Sec and Ganking. Stop being ridiculous.

that’s what’s being talked about.



We’re talking about THIS

Do you see the word gank anywhere?

Noctis is a pretty good ship.

No poors! :face_with_monocle: :moneybag: :sunglasses:



@Aisha_Katalen It isn’t the point of his thread.
If you’re going to use any random word the Original Poster subsequently writes then his thread is indeed about ganking and ratting and mining and exploring and everything else he happens to mention.

That’s all the time I want to devote to your childishness. See you in the next thread, where the topic may be more precisely stated.