[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

Best way to spend a Fri, safecracking PVP problems with amazingly cool people

Day one of CC starting now

I think this was worth the overpriced cyno beacon

Bit of a quiet day today

Have a beer on us!

apparently Pochven isn’t quite dead yet

another quiet day in the battle for Oin

Being the tackle that secures 1b in ESS tokens sure is nice

It’s kind of sad trig ships don’t have more of a place in FW

Fear the might coercer

Join GalMil and help us build a Shipcaster, which I can only assume is a gun large enough to fire rifters as ammo. You don’t even need to leave your corp any more.

Join GalMil, shoot Snuff.

Most active EU corp in militia!

VonHole strikes again!

How many points did you win from the Captain’s Cup today?

Nothing fancy, just a nice little 4v1

Not the kill I would expect over a cyno