Noir. [Est. 2008]

Nice string of contracts the past week or so!

We have joined Templis CALSF alliance and will be taking contracts under our new banner. Merc super alliance baybay!

I hired NOIR. to help me jump my cap. I was expecting a couple of force recons, and a couple of scouts. What I got was a 15 person Fleet with backup cynos and enough to scout and secure every gate in every system that I jumped to.

As this was my first capital ship, Alex even planned the best route and prescoutted the least dangerous systems to jump to. Beyond that, he helped me with my fit and taught me a few tricks to use in jumping a capital.

The op was so organized and precise that it was almost boring. Boring is a good thing when you’re trying to get a capital ship to your home system.

It was some of the best isk I’ve ever spent. If you are on the fence about hiring NOIR. , Jump off and do it. They are worth it, and I will hire them again.

If you want any more info about them from me, feel free to contact me in game.

Cornielius Rex


WH contracts, always a good time.

Contract count updated, taking a week or two off to enjoy FW

Welcome back Drone Bay!

Used Noir. for a contract, and they got the job done as requested. We even had a group discussion about our tips. Would recommend and use again!

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New patch, but war never changes. Hire us before they do.