NOIR. - Professional. To the end

Still proud to be with the Noir. guys.

He came from afar, and he bore bad news…
Daily Bumps had taken over the land.

Today was a fun day…
Let’s do this again sometimes!

We’ve had a lot of good days recently hehe

After many hour of fighting…
Victory was achieved.
(quite the fun nano roam, 10/10 would do everyday)

a gentlemen’s bump

The Daily Bump is still actively looking for members!
This Noir. is to signify that!
Wait, that doesn’t look right…

For the love of Bob…
Really, Daily Bump? Really?

Mathematical Theorems are yellow and Gender Discussions are Blue
this poem doesn’t make sense, and neither should you.

Sipping whiskey, listening to jazz and dunking on people…
We call it a Thursday.

non-stop to the top


Grrr, the daily bump’s been out of commission for a while.
Time to get back in business.

The new event is amazing!
That’s some content if you ask me!

Today was a good day!
Tomorrow is going to be an even better one!

sounds like fun Sliding up to the Café

HS can be fun too!

It’s fun to fly with friends.

It’s also fun having friends bump the forums for you!
(:heart: ackbad)

It’s not always about the ISK efficiency.
Sometimes fun per hour is more important.