NOIR. - Professional. To the end

Sometimes, I don’t even know.

Sometimes you just what to show up to watch the fireworks

This is merely a “bump” in the road teehee

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More memebers joining every week. New prospective corp joining The Network alliance.

Content and fleets daily you know it makes sense. Come have a roam with us and see if Noir. Or Noir Academy are a good fit for you.

Now, after a long while…
I, Ladies, Gentlemen, Daily Bumps and all others… have returned!

Coming back from the holiday. Excited to fly with the new dudes and the old bros.

turns into a Thunderchild
Oh man, that’s not what I wanted…

It is said the smallest things often make the biggest difference…
Forgetting to switch your pod is one of these small things.

Aww man, I found this sweet collection of ::REDACTED: in :REDACTED:, posting the link in the Cafe - where all the cool dudes hang out!

Bringing in a new corp to our alliance but still looking to grow ourselves! The sky’s the limit my friends

The new corp is in! Welcome, guys! For those reading, if you have a corp of your own and are interested, talk to Alek and see if our alliance is a good fit!

Eve Online: Ponies and You Lets goooo!

Yesterday we flew Nergals. (Not me)

Join if you like Nergals too.

I really wish this didn’t exist. Alek pls cease.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that get you.
This time, it’s just the normal-sized ones.
(we decided to join in on a friends’ op)

There’s skill and there’s courage in this world, Daily Bump.
Rarely, you even see both. That’s when the magic happens.