Noob hunters

as a noob i can say that the biggest thing i can bitch about. is as im just trying to workout ship fittings ,where to best place SP , what ship fits me and my play,etc. at the same time if i go into anyplace but HS even though a trip of more then 3-5 jumps will place me in LS. That im saying is it sucks that as one is trying to workout how to play my ship. what i call noob hunters keep killing me and i unable to even put up a fight. so for the 10th time one is off to get a new ship then fit it just to get killed again before i can even see it coming or put up anything one could a fight. the only the not fall prey to NHs is to stay in HS. but one cant even do that… so noobs if feel should 2-4 weeks of pvp free however the noob could start pvp at anytime though loss the protection from pvp. thats about the only thing that is pushing me out is that i cant even push in.\

What ?

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Is there a question here or are you just venting?

This. TL;DR: atron with 2 nanofibers instead of any tank modules dies to arty rifter too quick to understand what is happening. Not good.

OP: try something with large passive tank, that way you will at least start to put a fight before pop.
[Tristan, keep at range 4 km]
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Damage Control II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

1MN Afterburner II
J5b Enduring Warp Scrambler
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer
75mm Gatling Rail II,Javelin S
75mm Gatling Rail II,Javelin S

Small Anti-Explosive Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I

Hobgoblin II x8

Hopefully he wants to learn… But…

Considering that he posted on the forums about being killed in low sec and in Wormholes by people and NPC… you know the place where getting killed is the norm, I doubt he will.


nothing is forcing you to go into lowsec, stay in highsec and learn if you can’t handle being killed. It’s call Low Security space for a reason.

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You enter a warzone (fw lowsec), outlaw space (lowsec in general), hostile empire space (sov nullsec), lawless space (npc null) or post apocalyptic wasteland (wormholes) and expect not to be shot at because you are new? Do I get that right? :thinking:


Ask your pears in the militia for help on fitting and tactics.


with where you’ve been flying…it’s not noob hunters. The pilots who killed you would have killed anyone they ran across. There was nothing “noob related” at all, unless you are using “noob” to meaning something other than “newb”. “Newb” is the terminology used for new players in EVE.

Those players would have shot anyone, they thought they had a chance of killing, and the npcs don’t put a lot of thought into it either.

Think of space this way, it may help:

Wormholes: Mad Max In EVE
Player Controlled Nullsec: Organized Crime
NPC Nullsec: Gang Territory
Low Sec: Dirty Cops
High Sec: Bribable Officials.

EVE is a dystopian universe.

There is nothing fair, once you start the game. You rise or fall on your own merits. Success hinges on player relationships, your wits, your sense of humor, and sometimes your ability to carry a conversation. Skill points matter, but not nearly as much as the social aspect.

You learn by trial and error, or mentoring (either in a player corp or personal encounters.) That’s one reason new players are always advised to find a corp.

Every last EVE player started right where you are now…with basically nothing.

It’s the beauty of the game.


you are wrong. Other posters already highlighted what you did wrong, so i ll not repeat what they perfectly said.
I would add that whining is not the good way to learn and improve in eve. Either HTFU or find another classical mmo, where npcs will ask you to collect 10 wooden pieces and kill 10 wolves and congratulate you about your destiny and the fact that you are the savior of the universe

Maybe join a corp that can teach you how to survive. Instead of complaining that you died, it might be good to spend your energy learning how they did it and how can you do that to other people.

As for a time limit where you can’t be in PVP… um no. Better to learn early and with cheap ships to accept death than to postpone it and you lose something expensive and have you complain even more.

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