Noob question.....I'm sorry!

Sorry to ask a simple noob question but I’ve gone online everywhere to find an answer but no luck.

When can I buy drones? Just started and done all the tutorials and tw of the career paths but it tells me I need Omega to buy Drones…is this right - I have to pay real money to get drones or is this just not unlocked for me yet.

You only need to be Omega to use mining drones. An Alpha can use combat drones, as long as you have the skills for them.

Starting skills include Drones 1 and Drone Avionics 1. You will need to purchase and train an additional skill - Light Drone Operation to level 1 to fly light scout drones like the Hobgoblin, Acolyte, Hornet and Warrior. Each level of the Drones skill will let you fly 1 more drone to a maximum of 5.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been away from PC games for a very long time and just returning so I’m finding Eve to not be very intuitive. Just getting old I suppose.

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Eve has one of the steepest learning curves in the industry. CCP is working to flatten it but that will take time. Eve University site is a great help as are other players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Being older can be an advantage - we’re generally more patient!


Thanks Do Little, at least you made me laugh with that graphic. Not so sure about the age and patience thing… more like old dog new tricks for me LOL



Click on the drone you want in the Market, click the little "i’ (information) and select the “Requirements” tab. It will show you the required skills. Tech 1 light combat drones are easy to obtain…Tech 2 drones will make you go to skill level V (not sure that Alphas can do that)

you can buy drones any time

(may you use them? that is another question)

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