Noragens C&P Guidelines, Etiquette and In-Jokes

These are Noragens collected wisdoms, however I am Nitshe and I have licence to do as I please in C&P. What better way to start the mischief than poach and control the all powerful C&P Guide.:wink:

( I will give my authoritah to allow Noragen to update and amend, the original thread can be found here.)

The ‘Guidelines’ AKA C&P Law 1-3

(these are in no way forum rules)

Post with your main
It’s pretty straight forward forum ALT’s will be trolled or ignored. Quoting experience you do not have will be trolled etc

Don’t accuse without evidence
Bob will we troll for this. If you wish to make an accusation about another player on our fine forum please make it entertaining and provide evidence of your accusation in a timely manner. We will always take the side of the accused to the point of wardeccing and/or evicting if possible should the evidence be insufficient. We like a good story though so if it’s funny enough we may ignore this one

Every Evil Deed, false accusation and forum ALT is the work of Nitshe
Read In-Jokes for more details

Pose questions as questions and not complaints or off handed insults. The people of these forums are some of the most knowledgeable in the fields of nefarious deeds both how to commit and avoid them. Complaints and insults for no reason will have these players targeting you .

It’s ok to disagree with somebody here. Hell we thrive on conflict. If it ever gets to the point of you wanting to shoot them over it in a fun way call a Thunderdome and let your skills and ship choices settle it. Turning down a Thunderdome will result in you forever being shamed and loss of all standing within these forums. Losing will gain as much respect as winning just with fun penalties imposed

If you have experience utilizing an ALT and wish to quote it it’s as simple as saying I did this on my ALT (insert name). If you wish the ALT to remain anonymous so must your associated experience or else trolling will ensue.

This section will likely need adding to
Nitshe is blamed for everything bad. This is mostly because of this thread. Ok entirely because of this thread. Then It just seemed right to blame him for all nefarious deeds since. If somebody else did it they are simply a Nitshe ALT.

Leto owes Serendipity a thanny (or a tranny?). This is spread over so many posts I couldn’t track down the original but suffice it to say when they get together thanny’s and trannys pop up everywhere.

As Noragen Neirfallas would say: Feel free to add you own…:slightly_smiling_face:


You stole my thread? I approve. Very C&P


Damn it, the villain Nitshe strikes again.


Nefarious work, Nitshe. I look forward to your many alts and their bald-faced lies and accusations.


Great. Now everyone who reads this thread has to be treated with bleach to the eyes and given shots to protect against nitshenomantia. Gonna need to make a self spreading visual vaccine and post it here. Will take some time though. /me cracks fingers.


I used to be down with C&P and then they changed what C&P was. I have no idea what the kids are up to these days.

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Nothing like that Nitshe thread to remind me why I always enjoyed reading C&P

New forums are starting to feel a lot more comfy :parrotmustache:

This squirrel visits me on a daily basis. He is my friend.


I want a squirrel friend.

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He’s come for your nuts, and he’s not your friend he’s plotting to kill you!!!


LOL my wife was saying the same thing as i was reading your reply. She had a run-in with an angry squirrel when she was younger. Now she stays away from them like they are plague ridden. I always tease when one is around and tell her he is watching hahahahaha.


This thread is popular. What’s a noragen, like one of them fedos?

Wait, Nitshe is posting C&P rules and etiquette? Is this the introduction to The Opposites or what?


What if there was a place with all the ZIP of nuka cola!!!

Oh wait, wrong game. Forget the old trash. Discover an undiscovered country. I think he’s angry about something TBH. His thread wasn’t touched in 2 weeks. In space, tears turn to crystalline vapour. I appoint myself. I need a champion.

Forum ALT’s don’t get champions nor appoint things. Read Law 1

Your old laws are irrelevant. They’ve shown an inability to deal with some.
Welcome to the new forums, stand aside and watch.

Clearly Nitshe’s alt is having at Nitshe’s revivification of the guidelines. What’s that called? Nitshepcion? Whatever. Dizzying is what I call it.


If I knew the OP, I might know how to respond…but your projection is incorrect.

If his/her job was to make you paranoid, it worked well. Good job Mitch

That’s something Nitshe would say.