Not a new citizen, but not a frequent poster here - how to add an image?

I’m currently rolling a few abyssal mods and have had some all green ones (yay) that I may want to sell. I’ve seen marketplace posts on here that display the items with their modifications - how do I link or add an image to a post? I’ve tried copying the link in game on to a forum post to no avail…

And yes, it’s probably something very simple that I’ve overlooked!


when you reply to a post you should see a bookmark tool above it with B, I, link, quote… and there will be a button to add an image to a post…

You can also copy an image and paste directly into the chat window. Screen shots work, or use a snipping tool (like Windows has) works. There is a maximum file size that can be uploaded, else you can link to an image hosted on an external site like IMGUR.

GIFs can be animated too

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