Not consensual PVP on TEST server

Hi, hope this info goes here.

About PvP rules in test server. I was testing the new mechanics with the drone beacons, when a player arrived with his dread and started shooting at me, even when I asked him to stop. It is annoying to spend 40 minutes testing the new anomaly and to be killed shortly before finishing. Could you at least send a warning to the player? . Thanks for your time.

M-0 is a combat system, when you undock from the keepstar you are consenting to PVP
If you want to test your sites without being interrupted to you go to another system

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Rules only apply during mass test.

They don’t monitor test server. If you have an actual issue, submit an ingame bug report from the test server

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No. She wasn’t. Clearly.

What happened is that she didn’t understand the rules, and that’s different.

During mass test, m-o is the only place for combat, outside of that, fair game. But if they have an issue, they can see my reply above and submit a bug report from the test server for help.

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