Was killed on the testing keepstar on singularity

I was bumped off the test keepstar and prevented from warping from the keeptar and killed
I did not consent to fight and asked to leave as I was testing something

M-OEEB is FULLY combat system. there is no limit where you can be ganked. you can die on asteroid belt,sun,planet or even at your own citadel. if you dont want vp there with your friend/corp then change system but be sure that your friends/corpmates agree to combat with you outside m-oeeb

Don’t go afk on a citadel on TQ either. That was your first mistake.
Second mistake was thinking that by posting here you will get some justice. Move on. Have someone build one for you or buy one already on contracts. The combat system is exactly that, a consensual combat system, whether you like it or not. There are hundreds of other systems in the sisi universe where there is no one around. Go test there.

fit higgs anchor rig. you will be much harder to bump.

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