Not for sale anymore

not for sale anymore

47 bil

Daily bump



Thanks for the offers. I ll give it a day or two and accept the highest bid unless someone pays me b/o 52 bil

50b now last bid

Auction finishes. I am making a deal with Sem1ra, who gives me 50 bil

There was no reply from you. Do you still want to get the toon?

As there is still no answer from Sem1ra, auction is on again. B/o is 50 bil

I Will step in
Pay 50b

you can easily get 70b for this toon

I dont think so. There was even no one who would like to pay 52 bil b/o.

Making a deal with Batida_Brasil, 50 bil b/o accepted

sent account data

But I dont see isk on the wallet

there it is…

Flamelordik, please confirm the start of the transfer process.


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