Not quite texas instruments

Calculator fumctionality is severely lacking in a game that has a market place more complex than daytrading in real life. “I should know, I’ve traded forex and futures.” Having made my fair share of spreedsheets and relied heavily on my out of game calculator, I sometimes longingly stare at her. Disatisfied I shamefully cheat on her with my phone or computers built in one. Here is my confession. The ingame calculator “lets call her Maudette” is in desperate need of an update. She doesn’t have decimal places for tens, hundreds, or thousands. Maudette lacks a user friendly face, that leaves one wanting. And I would love to see her be more flexible when it comes to functions “percentages, negative values and sums, history log, copy and paste, etc”. Honestly I’m ashamed to be so critical of Maudette, but the spark just isn’t there anymore. I think it started when I started a relationship with excel. She just refused to work with me to make long equations and multiple cell interations. I know Maudette was born a traditional single sum kind of gal. But it is 2018, the world is more open to the idea of higher functionality. I think it is time Maudette started being able to handle more experimental calculations.

Thank you for reading, please excuse my poor excuse for humor and grammar. Brought to you by a 6 inch android screen, still more functional than Maudette ;(.

P.S. Her and I are seeing other people.


Ironically, whenever I need a calculator in EVE, I always use my Texas Instruments calculator. It’s faster and better than the in-game one.

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I’m the guy that never really took the time to check Maudette out; so I honestly can’t say.

When I’ve work to do, I do it in excel and save myself the trouble of ever doing it again. Calculators are so… 1970s.

That’s a lie, actually, I’ve taken to using powershell for complex one-off calculations. Very unusual I’m going to bet, but it works fantastically because you can reduce everything down to variables when it gets to be too much of a headache.

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