Note from retired criminal

Just drawing on what i see in this and other games i play. The bulk of the players seem more interested in fast (PvE) gameplay and shiny rewards.

Update: I can now fly a mining barge and an Orca!

Mining, however, is terrible and I just can’t stand to do it anymore.

The Orca is fantastic though, I can move a bunch of ships at once. I had no idea this thing was so good. I should have trained this years ago.

I’m headed back to low. I need to shoot something, all this dull PvE crap is killing me. I liked my little mining corp, but when nobody is logged in to voice, its drier than couch-toast. Start a timer until I retire again… maybe low will be good this time.

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The deafening silence and the consequential boringness of being in highsec is not an opinion. It’s how it is, and many others, who know the difference between then and now, know this as well.

Of course they would! Of course they would take advantage of modern marketing and drawing in the easily milkable crowd who want to consume, and not create. That shouldn’t mean pissing on all of those who actually like playing the game for playing’s sake, instead of playing because of incentives!

Your demographic is shrinking. Cuddly MMOs are losing players, because people started realizing that they’re just being milked. Plus, you seem to be unaware of the cultural changes CCP made happen over the years. it’s not “less interested”, it’s:

Over years, CCP drove out masses of players with nerfs that only served “your demographic”, and “your demographic” keeps demanding even more nerfs. There is no magic happening, that draws “my demographic” into this game, it’s deliberate action by CCP. Learn EVE’s history.

For you it may represent boringness and for people like me it’s enjoyable. It’s all a matter of opinion.

Ever considered the possibility that the game could be changing BECAUSE there are to few of you around to keep the chimney smoking? Considering that ‘content creators’ keep driving people out with their playstyle.

Almost all MMORPG’s are shrinking. It’s a sign of the times, just like it’s growth was.

Maybe CCP has a bit more information to base their developement on than you can see? Or maybe they just weren’t too happy with what was going on in the community in the name of ‘content creation’.

Wow, you’re weaseling really hard. This is you, according to your own words:
“Oh what a wonderfulnday of perceived inacitivty! How delightful it is to see no one talking in local, and how much better it is compared to seeing people actually interacting with each other! Truly marvellous, and i enjoy every bit of this nothingness!”

You’re being dishonest, just because you can’t admit that you’re wrong.

I would totally consider that, if i didn’t know better. Unlike you, though, am i well aware of what happened in the past and how CCP drove them out, because of all the irrational people who keep crying for protection and safety. You’re the one with the Dunning-Krueger here, and i have the post history to prove that it’s not me who doesn’t know wtf he is talking about.

Again implying that things happen “just so”, out of “magic” with no apparent reason.

At this point it’s proven that you’re not interested in learning, and that you’re just writing things so you don’t have to deal with the feeling of being wrong. Using “Maybe”'s is the last gasping breathe of people who do not anymore know what to say, so they try to bring up some perceived possibilities, while not actually saying anything. If you have something of value to say, then i suggest you say it, instead of hiding your cluelessness behind "maybe"s.

You’re a carebear.

And you deny other opinions, for whatever reason.

No, they had the perfect game and changed it just to spite you.

Silly me… o.O

With ‘no apparent reason’ beeing that whatever you enjoyed yesterday is ancient history today. Just as it’s always been.

There’s nothing to ‘learn’ that i wasn’t already aware of.

I’m a figure from an ancient kids cartoon series?

So much to ‘learn’ … so little interest.

Yellow Parasol, just for you i made this:

Ahum…*clears throat …

I’m a poor lonesome Miner
I’m a long long way from home

And this poor lonesome Miner
Has got a long long way to roam.

Over Ore fields over Stargates
From dawn till day is done.

But then CODE may come a’bumpin’me
into the setting sun.

The End

Now imagine beeing the lonesome Miner :wink:

That’s all that needs to be added. vOv

Just assuming you read what you linked yourself, i guess i admit i tend to underestimate my own competence… I am truly sorry … :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, just to be clear. Companies tend to cater to the majority, not the minority.

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Space violence isnt on its way out. It’s a basic part of the game and one of the more entertaining aspects.

I will admit that there are large groups of anti-pvp carebear a here and in other areas of social media, but there are enough of us left in the game to point and laugh at them as we blow them up.

More people doing pve in highsec just means there’s more people to shoot at. Nothing more, nothing less. I personally enjoy it and support CCP making highsec attractive to other players.

Totally agree here, I love PVP and every time I try to PVE to make isk it lasts about 10 mins before I get bored to tears. My latest foray was to get an alt into a renter alliance and rat in null. I would love to see CCP develop some really engaging PVE content even though I probably wouldn’t get into it that much.

I’m curious about one thing, maybe someone can help answer. How does the “too much evil griefers” crowd feel about interaction in EVE? Is there too much interaction for you? Interaction being defined as people chatting in local, shooting each other, working together in a mission or ore field, or competing to mine the ore or kill the rats first.

I’m actually curious because, the real reason I play EVE is not for the game itself, that part is kinda lack luster. Its for the interaction, hunting a highseccer that doesn’t want to be caught is way more fun than shooting little red icons. Oh and Mobadder Thworst my lowsec alliance is recruiting players if you wanna come shoot stuff with chill people.

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So what you are saying is that you are as bad at PvE as the PvE players are at PvP. But you still think WE are the weirdo’s. Okay… mmmm.

If CCP ever does that you can kiss PvP as you know it goodbye… :slight_smile:

You mean that if folks don’t like getting shot in the face at every opportunity they must have a problem with interaction… ???

So you really don’t like the game at all and just play it to shoot at people. Preferably when they panic… mmm. Now where have i seen that before… very recently. … o.O

Anywho … i personally have no problem whatsoever with PvP . I just think it should be played in a walled off area. Preferably instanced even.

I picture all of New Eden as a giant safe zone with lots of well designed PvE battles. And a small corner for whats left of PvP of course :slight_smile:

At this point, obvious trolling is obvious.

Well played.

Trolling is the lowest a person can intellectually go.

0 points :parrotsleep:

When people connect “virtual” behaviour of people in this game to their RL nature it is countered by “this is only game and has nothing common with RL” and stuff stuff.
However now you are talking that RL definitely has connection to what people are doing (or want to do) in virtual world?

It’s pretty interesting and new. Do you have something as proof?

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You may call it trolling if you like. I call it vision and imagination.

I can’t imagine a more awesome developement for this game than closed off PvP and thorough PvE developement.

They could make James 315 the Kingpin of the PvP instance and the most incorrigible criminals in this game his henchmen.

Maybe a nice new career for OP ?

PVP is what made this game what it is. Without PVP, the demand for PVE/Carebearing goes away. What happens when there is no one to buy your shiny deadspace mods for their blingy PVP ships? Destroying PVP very simply destroys EVE’s economy. You are quite tunnel-visioned.

EDIT: Fixed my quote issue

Yep, that it did.

Not necessarily, well developed PvE can also provide lots of exploding ships. Ad to that contained PvP and Industry still has its work cut out.

Funny, i was thinking the same thing of you and posters above. All you guys can think of is blowing up ‘carebears’ like so much cavemen.

Meanwhile you see a lot of PvP people (even in this thread) complain about boring PvE. Makes me wonder how long those folks would stay in PvP if PvE got some TLC.

So who cares if a handful of disgruntled PvP’ers leave the game if there is a large enough influx of Space PvE’ers due to improved PvE.

I sure as heck won’t miss 'em.

I disagree with this. I have done incurions, ratted in null, and done countless L4 missions in highsec. When I first started playing, I only mined. I also have a PI alt. So I don’t think it is accurate that all I think of is blowing up carebears.

Carebears are necessary for the game’s PVP, just as they are necessary for the game’s economy. The PVPers (such as myself) need them for modules. I would like to personally spend time learning how all the ‘carebear’ stuff works with a new alt, but with my occupation I really don’t have a lot of time for more than one account.

As for PVE, I think Lifeblood is a step in the right direction from the limited knowledge I have of it. Simply put, it is more interactive and engaging. Thus, there will (possibly) be less bots/AFKers. It also will undoubtedly attract many new and returning pilots that will both benefit the game and my killboard.

I try to look at things holistically, not just for my own benefit.

EDIT: I should stop quoting. It is bad for my health.
EDIT 2: Definitely not quoting ever again.

Okay, that is a much different picture of you than i first had. Would you mind explaining what specifically attracts you to PvP?

I am not against PvP. I find no joy in it personally in any of the games i play but i can see how people are attracted to it.

It’s easy man. You select the text you want to quote and a flag appears above the selection. Click that flag and the selection is auto copied to your edit window.

It’s as easy as PvP … :wink: