Nothing but Combat Sites in Catch

The last 4 days has been predominately Combat Sites…and incredibly rare to find a Data or Relic Site.
Can someone please look into this - it’s beyond ridiculous / frustrating.

What do you mean by this?

Are you aware that Catch is one of the higher traffic regions in nullsec? There’s an entire alliance living there, plus multiple dozens of random neutrals and passerbys. You’re not finding Relic/Data sites because they’re being completed by the people who live in Catch as well as the people who roam through it.

If you want to find those, go look in a region that’s not so crowded.

What Scoots said, just go somewhere else. WH can work, but it’s best to explore in a stratios to be able to clear the pve sites too. If you’re exploring null though, check dotlan before wasting time in a populated sector of new eden.

Yeah your probably right.
Anyway…Have fun, stay classy, be Brave

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