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I apologize if this is posted somewhere else, I might have missed it when I searched. Have you considered moving the Notification Feed button into the row of information icons in the top left corner? “Search New Eden, System Info, Route, Daily Campaign and Notification Feed”? I can understand you wanting that on screen always, but up there it would fit in better with the new theme, visible any time it has a notification for you. It will look like it actually was designed for THIS UI instead of a holdover from something else, stubbornly ignoring any and all attempts to integrate it cleanly into the rest of the UI. Another option might be the ability to dock it into the Neocom bar and change it’s behavior to fit in there, perhaps add it to the three buttons on the lower left… click it and you get a popup menu, minimize it and it docks and behaves like the other buttons.

It should not be part of the Hud elements that you described. It should go back into the Neocom sidebar where it belongs.

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I like the fact that it can be moved anywhere.

I only suggested that because I can understand why CCP wouldn’t want the notification button hidden. Either way is fine, it’s just annoying that it doesn’t follow the same rules as the rest of the UI. If you stick it along the right side it doesn’t interfere so much, but it becomes easy to miss. If you put it on the left side, every time you resize your window you have to reposition the stupid thing. It shouldn’t be hard to make it behave like anything else dockable… let people dock it if they want it docked, move it if they want it moved. There are other UI items that behave this way, it would seem logical to apply this to the notification button as well.

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