Requests for Photon


This comes from a new player pov.

What I would like to see is the following:

Easy way to find custom overview tabs it’s litterally googling watching videos and that joining channels to get them make it easier. Maybe have a dropdown menu in the overview that links you to a ingame search for all overviews. Not sure if there are any other mods to the game as I am still exploring^^ but if so make it easy to access.

I am playing on 2 screens and all notifications are showing half on one screen and half on the other,
There is an option to move the ship and ship controls to the center of either screen but no option to move the notifications as well. Ideally all should move in conjunction with the option to move elements individually. (same goes for the options screen ESC)

Make the menu on the left moveable to any position on the screen an even consider the ability to move it from vertical to horizontal (windows style)

When using UI scaling certain elements can not be resized to adjust for oversizing, it would be great if we can adjust these too. See picture for example:

There are probably many more things to mention and some may not be issues at all and just a lack of understanding on my part.

Either way that’s my 2 cents hope it helps.


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