Photon UI Setup for all Accounts

It is widely known that EVE has no inhouse feature to copy existing UI onto all clients (no not the overview settings but the entire UI window positions and sizes). You need to use external software or do it manually in the CCP settings folder for each character. With the current multiple overviews there is (at least not to my knowledge) no way to edit all overview tabs in the same manner.

(currently default settings as overview got hard reset after update again)

All these tabs have to be edited seperately and individually. There is no way to enter fixed numbers to define the space between the different columns. So naturally all tabs will look different.

Please add a way to edit all overview tabs at the same time regarding what columns they display and their sizes (with the ability to individually edit them if needed).
Please also add a way to copy all existing window and UI settings (not just the overview settings) to all or individual characters via the launcher.

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Alas, someone that has the same issue with the new overview. I can’t stand that all the columns are different size and position on each tab. +1 to this

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