Nova, Valkyrie and EvE tie-in

Nova tied to Planetary Interaction - Create an additional tax system for PI, this tax will come from the surface of the planet. Alliance/Corp who control both the Surface and Poco will have control over the PI of the planet. Invading alliance/corp can set up funds to a specific Mercenary group (nova) or open to any available Freelance Mercenary. Defending alliance/corp should have funds set up to have Freelance Mercenaries fight to keep control. Control of the surface will go to the group that wins x-amount of battles. After this ‘event’ Attacker can choose to continue a new offensive (if failed to win control) or set up funds to have Freelance Mercenaries defend it.

Valkyrie tied to Faction Warfare - Instead of ‘nodes’ you orbit to gain control. Have spawn events, where Carriers/Carrier groups spawn in one of the front line systems. Faction sends out message to their EvE members, asking for support and the preferred hull. On arrival, eve players will help their faction kill off the enemy carrier/carrier group.
Valkyrie Pilots will be able to Queue up and when one of these events appears, they are loaded into one of the Carriers and launched to help fight both the EvE players and the enemy Carrier group.

ISK is suppose to be worth far more than planet side currency, so funding of the Nova Mercenary groups should be very cheap to the EvE player. Valkyrie pilots will be paid by the Faction they help, not the EvE players.

Events in one game should be decided by events in that game.
Relying on random people in another game, or having to play two games should not be required.

This is not to say that I’m not keen for tie ins, but you need to keep the games separate and just have areas where they interact rather than being reliant on each other.

CCP learned from Dust to make the games stand on their own legs before even thinking about combining them to Eve.

Let’s first get Valkyrie and Nova to be good games that have a healthy player-base before we start linking them to Eve.

Completely different games with different target audiences afaik, the only one that will eventually have a tie with EvE will be the future FPS that will make a return to PC, when, don’t know.

Having Valkyrie players control a squadron of fighters in EVE instead of the NPC AI would be pretty cool though, however impractical it would be to achieve, that’s a fun idea!

Tie ins would be great, given that all the games are in the same setting, but it is a hard thing to pull off. You wouldn’t want, say, Caldari Valkyrie players to be put off because their faction is holding pretty much no space in EVE, while having pretty much no influence over it.

As cool as it sounds, it will be quite the dificult thing to do and won’t happen, not to mention you would need a comparable playerbase on Valkyrie to match up several carriers, as well that this could also be abused, exploited and just won’t be as fun because EvE does not have that many fighters as Valkyrie does I think

There are already more than enough people who seem to be on this part of the forums to tell people why CCP can’t, won’t or shouldn’t do whatever. None of them affiliated with CCP. The newest plan for alpha clones is a great example that people trying to speak on CCP’s behalf sometimes don’t know as much as they think.

I already conceded that it would be difficult:

The point of my reply was that it is a cool idea regardless. And cool ideas is kind of what this forum is for. The best we can hope for is to spark the imagination of someone at CCP and get them working on something cool and new which most likely will be quite different from what was suggested.

Just wait till you’re attacked by your own fighters, because they got paid off :wink:


Mini Gigx betrayals will happening all the time :wink:

‘cool’ ideas still need grounding. And you should know this idea, or its concept, has already been attempted. The imagination has been sparked, implemented, failed and shut down.

The op may not know that. So others can tell him the technical limitations to the idea and help him understand why we don’t have it today/what went wrong, CCP staff or not. It’s not a crime.

Please no… ccps past attempts to tie games together either failed and proved to be a waist of dev time or actively made parts of eve worse

Overlap between different games in the same universe is an incredible gaming concept that has never yet been successfully implemented. But CCP Has Come Close, and they are one of the only developers that I know of who have a good shot of making it a reality.

The original poster has an idea that would never work because of the asynchronous nature and pace of gameplay between Eve online and Valkyrie. But I believe that some kind of connection can make both games and more engaging experience. By adding crossover between the games, you increase the stakes of your actions in each of them. Knowing that your Valkyrie skirmish cost someone their sovereignty in Eve online, or that anchoring a structure in Eve online caused an entire Valkyrie Squadron to lose their next 10 fights, is an exciting and hilarious Prospect.

If you never played Dust 514, to see an orbital strike coming in from an Eve online player inspired anger, hope, amazement, and jealousy. Some people I could say that this type of interference from outside your game is not fair or fun. But for me, it underscores the key lesson of Eve online that having allies and influence over other people is the most important gameplay aspect.

It makes the universe feel large and important. It makes your actions feel large and important. And it creates a sense of interconnectivity and immersion that you can only really get from real life. That is an amazing accomplishment that should be pursued when the time is right.

We all know that Dust 514 was a flawed game. Despite its clunky mechanics and gameplay, I was still drawn into it because it felt like every fight mattered, even if it was just a little bit. Making arena games of no consequence is great and all, but I think Eve online and CCP can do better than that. And I think they should.

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Any tie in would have to be both broad, and something along the lines of moving existing needles. They can’t be specific (fighting on behalf of a specific player/corp) or attempt to cause events (fight in one game triggering a fight in another.) As a workable example, if a fight in one game affects FW, it should affect system wide bonuses (e.g. a victory reducing future capture times for a faction or something, I don’t FW.) Or with PI, players taking an insurgent vs CONCORD stance, with insurgent victories reducing all PI output on a planet, CONCORD victories improving output.

The idea is to have an exit strategy. With effects being really general, one game can successfully fail by not breaking the others.

Speaking of other CCP games, has there even been any Nova news in the past 2 years? Or is it safe to assume it’s completely dead?

I don’t know how EVE coud affect Valkyrie, but I have a few ideas to make eve players benefit from their fighter piloting skills, in the form of redeemable items.
The most obvious (in my case) are the SOE skins for Gallente ships that we can see in the game. Make them drop from capsules as a code or make them directly redeemable through account linking.
We could also receive small boosters the same way. The skill of individual fighter piloting carries over to fighter squad control in the form of a booster that increases fighter damage/HP/speed by a small percent, these should be character bound after you redeem them, so you can’t sell or trade them.

Too many problems with that.

  • Biggest one being how easy it’d be as an RMT vehicle.
  • Otherwise, there’s always been the long standing assumption that each character is a separate entity, i.e. you can’t access another character’s inventory even if they are on the same account.
  • You’d effectively have a currency that moves between games, meaning you could make EVE isk from valk, which is loaded with problems.
  • The exit plan isn’t too bad though… either game could still completely fail without being too big a deal. Which also has a big downside:
  • Significance. The only value any of that interaction is to gain currency, which waters down the importance of making the games themselves not suck, leaving the level of interaction flat and boring.

It might be the basis of an interesting tool to begin tying together the economies of two separate games, but as the primary means of interaction, it’s lacking.


The idea IS to have eve players pay for said vehicles when they are fighting for a players planet (Nova). Not sure how this RMT for you.

Eve player will have no access to Nova/Valkeri items/Kredits. Eve players will provide a pool of Kredits for their “mercs” to buy their war equipment.

Eve credits will buy Nova players their equipment when they are fighting for the eve player. When not fighting for an eve player, they can Queue up for Faction Warfare (what dust 514 was) and gain Kredits thru them. At no time will Nova / Valkirie players give money to the Eve Player.

If Nova fails, remove that extra tax from game (not sure how PI would fail from your point of view). If Valkirie fails (which seems that it already did) Faction Warfare can continue in much the same way, where front line systems spawn these events and players must help their side (again, HOW is Valkirie breaking this?)

if ccp where to allow currency transfers from Nova and/or valkirie to eve… then yes. i made no mention of this so not sure where you’re getting this imaginary floating money.

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