November Release - General Feedback

Probably because there is a bad tendency for people to rain bounties onto new people in he help chats. Hopefully this will cut down on that.


So is this a ninja patch, that T4-5 are going to flag Suspect again?


Hi CCP. How are you planning on nerfing nullsec next? How many more players do you plan on quitting with this relentless unfocused onslaught on one type of gameplay?


Careful what you wish for. Most certainly every multiboxer who quits, they will be replaced by one new player for every account that unsubs. Just remember though, when one multiboxing veteran with years of game play quits, you get new recruits of whom 90% will quit paying within the first 10 days. 12 accounts ultimately get replaced by one or two.


Because veterans harass new players in Rookie chat.

Maybe you should try high sec if you think null sec is “hard”.

You know what they say when you reply and quote a word not previously stated in that reply? That you look really smart.

Highsec is not “hard”. Pretending it is, is.

You know what they say when you cry about game changes to overpowered things that need to be nerfed?

A carebear.

Null sec is easier than high sec. But I guess you are pretending you are playing hard mode when you are sitting under the protection of cap umbrella isk printing and citadel tether docking range in every system you travel through. You little hardcore player you.

Hello GM Archduke,

In my opinion the following changes are good and should have been implemented a long time ago:


  • Korean language localization deployed
  • Localization of the New Eden Store for supported languages


  • The minimum increment for placing bounties on individual characters has been increased from 100,000 ISK to 1 million ISK


  • The skill requirements for Tech 1 light combat drones have been reduced to make them more quickly accessible to new capsuleers:
    • The prerequisite to train the Light Drone Operation skill has been reduced from Drones 3 to Drones 1
    • The level of the Drones skill required to use Tech 1 light combat drones has been reduced from 3 to 1
    • The level of the Drones skill required to use faction and integrated light combat drones has been reduced from 3 to 2

New Player Experience:

  • The tutorial now teaches players about ISK and the wallet
  • The tutorial now teaches players how to loot
  • New Caldari pilots are now rewarded with blasters instead of railguns during the tutorial
  • Several text improvements to Aura’s dialogue
  • Tutorial NPCs now always drop Metal Scraps

Except for that last one.

Why would you make Tutorial NPC’s always drop Metal Scraps when you’re trying to teach new players about looting wrecks?

Since it’s the new players first actual introduction to the game, the Tutorial NPC’s should drop something more usable, like a skillbook or a BPC, especially since it can only be completed once in the characters lifetime.


I was wondering about that! Cheers, Fozzie.

Seems like they can not keep their hands off of High Sec either…

Can we get “FULL” Patch notes please?
Doesn’t say anything about removing the buff for Interceptors. Was that supposed to only stay for a short time? Is the Assaultfrig nerv also gone?
Will the changes to Booshers and Bosons also be temporary?

Another thing i noticed the ship tree no longer in forced fullscreen (thanks for that, i like)
But also not listed in the patch notes…


Guess the interceptor and AF changes are under October patch notes

My bet would be attempt at trying to introduce difference between Caldari and Gallente tutorials, that is assuming latter ones field rails. Not really sure if it does, last time I have run Gallente tutorial was when they had you webbing FAX as a part of tutorial chain.


Highsec is not “hard”.

Yes, that was kind of his point - if you find null to hard, you should go somewhere where it’s easier.

EDIT: well seeing his response it’d seem that I have misinterpreted his statement, by the virtue of taking it literally.

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Koreans read from right to left…

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Same here.
“Blueprints” tab in Industry window just loads continuously, unless you open the Industry window on it and then reads out “The item is no longer in your reach”.

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the LOCAL is too big now!! please make it as it was before!

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I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s a great way to baptize new players, an initiation ritual of sorts. Especially when they cry over it, private convo you and ask you why you bountied them and can you remove it.

For God’s sake, put the drone readout back to the way it was!