November Release - General Feedback

I can’t understand why ccp is degrading constantly the possibility to gain isk via ratting.

The boson nerf is just the next step of a long way. Of course there are bottlers around but honestly for ppl playing it regularly it’s simple another change that doesn’t alow me to play this game in my favorite way. If I want to use my Titan i just can join fleets where nothing happens…

That’s a first for me hearing that, you got a link for it?

It’s really great to see people like you adapting to these changes!


It’s the fifth bullet point in the patch notes linked in the OP.

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Yea, I read it. Still doesn’t answer the “why”. Why on earth put any developer time into something that is meaningless?

Conflict generation - jump gates and beacons are now anchored out of Upwell structure defensive weapons’ range.

Just curious, how would you “unfuck it” ?

November release :roll_eyes:
More like November Patch. - A release in my understanding is something bigger that delivers some new content, not just some bugfixes and odd nerfs to some numbers of some devices. Underwhelming as I came to expect.


Dropping entry level skill books is an excellent suggestion. BPCs… not so much. Newbros don’t know how to make stuff, what stuff to make, or have the skills to use the stuff. Everyone needs skills and hopefully understand they should inject the skill and train it someday.


Is only being able to place bounties of over 1,000,000 (instead of 100,000 as previously) on characters intended?

I mean…

If you read the patch notes…


So once again, CCP has made a change to a long existing mechanic, that will anger a lot of players who are based in null sec, and spend most of their time in null sec. I suppose this one will not get changed back, because the influx of Korean players who are coming into the game, who can now play the game in Korean, will obfuscate the data. CCP is building up bad karma by catering to one group of players, while angering another. And despite the animus, that the other group seems to have against them, it is not better for the game or CCP if they quite.

I am talking about the change to Jump Bridges.

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You would think that CCP would understand that “they” do not generate content, “we” do. I really wish they would concentrate their meager development time into actual expansions, rather than unasked for “balancing”.

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But it is completely logical for this damage layer to deplete from the direction of next layer riiiiight?

not sure how for watchlist since I haven’t used that one in a while, but as far as drones are concerned this new version is more logical just on the base of directional consistency. I don’t mind them going back to shields being leftmost, but only as long as they’d make it deplete the bar from left to right with same change. That being said I also don’t mind them depleting the way they deplete right now.

PS. I am perfectly capable of quickly assesing state of my drones by just looking at the display, I find it even easier now than it was before. Considering Your big problem with usage of the new display, are You sure it’s those two guys you mentioned are the incompetent ones? just a food for thought :wink:

Yes, the option(toggle?) to have either setup would be fantastic. Each person can decide which way works best for them.


It did that in the past. First your shield went red from right to left as in target lock, then armor went red from right to left just like in the target lock and then Hull. Now it doesn’t behave like the target lock icon any longer. What are you talking about?

Right now it goes against how the target lock HP depletion progresses. See above. And it goes against how the natural reading flow of a chart row goes. It is objectively absolutely illogical.

How is it easier if it not only goes against how the target lock HP depletion progresses but also because it goes against how you normally read a chart and because it adds even more inconsistency with the HP blocks. Just some food for thought. :wink:

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why the change to NOS icons? Just daw on zkill that it looks different, was not in patch notes

Are you guys really this upset about the arrangement of the drone HP display? Or is this a sport, like high school debate club?

The name of the Drone is listed and to the right of that was it’s shield, armor and hull indicators, in that order. That made it easy and convenient to see at a glance which Drone was taking damage.

Changing that definitely wasn’t a QoL improvement, lately it seems to me Devs have been jumping on anything in an attempt to secure their job status at CCP.

It’s high time CCP started following Murphy’s Law - If it works and there’s no problem with it, don’t mess with it.


It is the watch list as well. This is about useless, counterintuitive, illogical changes when other more important things are being ignored.

If they are doing it with pointless changes like these, CCP devs really must be rock bottom desperate to keep their jobs. There are thousands of things in the #LittleThings topic that need changed but this particular thing was never suggested there. There are dozens of things that should be improved on the watch list just from that topic, though, that do not involve dumb changes.