NPC AI could use improvements

All NPCs attacking a random single target at random intervals feels primitive and lazy. There is so much room for improvement in this area enabling more dynamic play, creative fleets and development of piloting skills.

P.S. Has these mechanics ever been improved or changed since the launch of the game?

You should be fighting other players.


The main selling point of shooting sleepers in WH space is better NPC AI, that will more intelligently target/shoot at players (also, their drones).

The burner mission targets as well as Navy/pirate response fleets with their fleet AI is also a notable improvement over the base AI and will imitate some amount of fleet coordination, which is pretty cool (though it may not be obvious when fighting them as a solo ship).

There have been attempts at improving the AI to be more intelligent…but that tends to break the botting programs that many nullsec bot ratters use, which pushed CCP to revert those changes.

Other attempts have ended due to rats realizing that drones being 50km+ away from the ship mean that they can be killed easily (especially with the NPC web+painter combinations), which negatively impacted the ability of a 100mn ishtar (or navy vexor in the previous design iteration) with drones set to aggressive being unable to kill an entire site without once ever targeting a rat. Naturally, the problem was identified as Nullsec bots not working was a CCP design flaw vice the Nullsec inability to create bots that have to target rats and then press F1, and CCP reverted those changes as well.
Welcome to the base NPC AI status quo.

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No ish… nothing major really and unlike Warframe EVE is more of a PVP focused game. Beyond Diamond rats we won’t see any advanced NPCs.

Warframe was noted of making a huge event of enhancing NPCs vs Players.

CCP does have the tech to make NPCs better than us.